Tuesday Tunes- Dawn Richard "Dance"

"Maybe we can blame it on the moon!"

Yessss!! Yessss!! Yesssssssssss!! Blame my craziness on the moon baby because I think I just sprained my neck, dislocated my hip and worked up a sweat dancing to my favorite song of the moment, "Dance" by Dawn Richard.  I have loved Dawn since her 'Making the Band' days.  I love to see her evolving as an artist and see her continue to push creative boundaries.  I remember interviewing her two years ago and discovering that her personality matches her music, badass!

I was stoked to learn that she dropped a new single yesterday, coinciding with the rare Super Moon Lunar Eclipse.  To me that was a double treat!  I'm a moon fanatic given that I'm a cancer, and I'm a Dawn fanatic, given that she rocks my world.  

Dance is a vibrant upbeat song that provokes you to let loose and just dance! Dance is the lead single from the third installment of her album trilogy, The Red Era due to release 2016, which she stated would be more mainstream than what she had done in the past.  She explains that it's simply because she is in a really happy place and can we blame her for just wanting to live life and dance? 

I think not! Take a listen to my Tuesday Tunes pick of this week! 

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