Raury on The Colbert Show 9/22/2015

Raury on The Colbert Show 9/22/2015


 You don't know me, although we played kickball at Piedmont Park one day and we were on the same team, we've never really engaged in a deeper conversation.  However, I have watched your purposeful, passionate journey unfold in such a marvelous way ever since I was introduced to "God's Whisper" by a friend about a year ago.  I immediately knew you were special, a true revolutionary sent on a mission to elevate the consciousness of our generation through your many art forms.  I was simply happy to see a young vessel speak boldly, purely, and authentically in such a noisy time. I am pleased to know that you exist, I am pleased to learn that a young man has the courage to stand out and bring light to matters that matter while maintaining a fresh, innovative, adventurous perspective.  

I was advised to watch your performance on The Colbert Show from last night, to be honest I thought I was just gonna check out another cool performance.  To my surprise, I witnessed a truly revolutionary act.  I am not the crying type, but I was almost moved to tears upon seeing your Mexico shirt.  I am a MexiCAN woman, but it wasn't just the fact that you wore my homeland's shirt that made me emotional.  For the past two decades I have been fighting the odds like many other immigrants in America.  I was born in Mexico City and brought to America by my family in search of the American dream only to arrive here and be treated with unfairness many times.  I have also grown up seeing how hard my people work and fight each and everyday to get to that idea of "The American Dream".  I have heard stories by close friends (immigrants) of loss, death and pain while attempting to cross borders to make a better life for their families.  I have seen the dark side of immigration, but I have also seen the drive, the hope, and the joy of my people who refuse to stay down and rise silently while continuing to be America's true "working" class, taking jobs that others refuse to take.  

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
— Edmund Burke

Ignorance has been on high creating horrible, racist scenarios and violence against minorities.  The true problem comes not only from those standing at the podium spewing ignorance, such as Trump, but from those who choose to stay silent.  It is our duty to take very seriously our mission on earth placed within us by the creator, but unfortunately many get lost along the way which makes injustice prevalent in our society.

When I learned that Trump was also a guest on The Colbert show last night making a mockery of my people, it made me extremely angry but my anger was driven out when I watched you perform "Devil's Whisper" while wearing a Mexico shirt with Trump on the back crossed out and the angel number 47, symbolic to persistence of purpose.  It made me very happy to hear the voice of the Mexican people represented by you.  It symbolized unity, it was a voice saying, "You are not alone."  Many Mexican people live in fear of being deported or treated unfairly, prosecuted or harmed, so they don't speak out as boldly and loudly as we should. Therefore crime, violence, and injustice happen consistently without anyone really hearing about it.  I am a passionate freedom fighter not just for Mexican people, but for the underdogs, the marginalized groups of people of the world and those who don't have a voice.  I make it my mission to change and shift perspectives through my work.

I thank you for standing at the podium and making purposeful use of it.  I thank you for broadening the reach of our voice and for giving Trump the big Fuck You that we have all been waiting to give him in the most creative and classiest of ways.

Sincerely A MexiCAN in America,

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