Tuesday Tunes- Londoner Eliot Sumner Brought Synth Pop To Aisle 5

Eliot Sumner at Aisle 5, Atlanta 09/13/2015   

Eliot Sumner at Aisle 5, Atlanta 09/13/2015


"Atlanta you're fucking awesome!" shouted a fresh faced androgynous Eliot Sumner with her electric guitar in arms, but not just any electric guitar, her father Sting's guitar during her Atlanta show held at Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points a couple Sundays ago (yeah I know I'm late).

Never mind that her father is Sting (I just found out today). Without knowing that this uber talented being came from such a legendary musical bloodline, I was hypnotized by her electro pop, sic-fi(ish) sound from the very first time I heard her.  It is quite evident that ES is paving her own way, creating her own sound, and rocking the fuck out! 

Sumner has this unique voice, a low toned, husky sound that grabs you and takes you on a journey of self exploration, dressed in synth pop sounds that provoke a wide range of emotions.  Her sound and music make you FEEL.  

I was ultra thrilled to be invited to her Atlanta show and check this bad ass out for myself, live and in person!  To my surprise Aisle 5 was filled with roughly 80 people.  I'm quite sure that if more people in Atlanta knew of her, the place would have been jam packed.  ES stepped on to the stage in an almost timid way, but once she got to jamming her presence and sound were nothing close to timid, it was loud, powerful, and fucking beautiful.  She opened up with one of my favorite tunes, "Dead Arms & Dead Legs" which is her first new music of 2015.

She carried us through the night with songs from her 2014 Information EP & some new stuff from her Early Reflections SMPLR.  I would be lying if I said I remember every song she played, I was too busy getting lost in the lights and sound, I was feeling the music in an extreme way.  I didn't have time to take notes or any of that shit because when the music is good you don't think about it, you fucking feel it.  I wish I could tell you more of that technical stuff that other music reviewers cover but I keep it raw.  This Londoner has my ear from the time I found out about her and I plan to continue to keep up with her upcoming projects. Take a listen for yourself and share the music that makes you feel with me and I'll continue digging for tunes to share with you!

Follow Eliot Sumner- www.eliotsumner.com

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