5 Tips To Boost Your Mood! How To Go From Feeling Like Shit To Knowing You're The Shit!

You're usually kicking ass, being the life of the party, passing compliments around like candy on Halloween, rocking it at work and feeling like Kanye, they can't tell you nothing!  All of a sudden you wake up one day and as hard as you try to feel like your usual higher self, you just feel shitty, you look in the mirror and criticize yourself.

 "Damn! look at my non-abs just sitting there! Is that a zit on my nose?  Gosh, I'm hideous, I bet that super fit girl in my kick boxing class doesn't have a pudge like mine, why the hell do I keep working out and I still don't have abs!  Man my latest projects aren't shit! Man oh man the world is sad, look at all those bad news on TV, I should just quit trying to save the world now. Look at me over here living a positive life and no one gives two shits!"

You start to feel so pitiful you feel like life is over, you feel like eating 50 donuts and just wallowing around all day/week.  If you deny ever feeling the downside of an up life, then you are a biggo LIAR or maybe just super duper uber human, beyond superhero status!! So if that's you, then stop reading.  However, if you have those human days then carry on!  I am going to give you 5 tips to get out of the shits and know, that you my friend are The Shit!!

1. Move!! Work That Ass Out!! 

Instead of letting your mood keep you hidden under the covers and paralyzed on your couch wallowing in your pity party while wearing your comfy pajamas with that hole on the crotch (you know which ones) push yourself like never before to get up and get moving! Run, jump, ride a bike, walk and breathe, hell for all I care do a flip on your couch in your undies! Whatever makes you feel good, just move!! Exercise is the best way to release happy chemicals into your brain.  It's called Dopamine, a chemical that plays a big role in happiness, it serves as a neurotransmitter in the brain that's necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness!  

I personally push myself to walk my booty over to my kickboxing class and just go at it!! Making myself sweat balls when I feel shitty really helps me get back in my happy zone.  I feel re energized and ready to keep pushing forward, interacting with people in my class helps me get out of my head also, which takes me to #2.


2.  Don't Hide! Find a Friend or Make a New Friend!

Feeling shitty will initially push you to the feeling to want to be alone.  Your first instinct will be to go sit in the dark and think, think, think (not necessarily good things).  Now, solitude is a great thing for growth, solitude is good for the soul and you should totally go and take a minute to go in your shell and be a loner for a little bit, but don't over extend your stay in Pityville.  The longer you allow yourself to drown, the deeper you will find yourself in the shits, making it harder to climb out of that dark place.  

The best way to get out of your head and your feelings is to put yourself in the front lines of serving others!! Text someone/everyone in your phone, send them a little uplifting message.  Imagine that someone else could be feeling the same way you do, what would you want to hear during this weird time?  You can send something as simple as, "Hey you freaking awesome rockstar!  You ran through my mind, and I wanted to tell you how amazing you are.  Keep pushing forward and don't ever give up, because you matter!"  Imagine seeing that pop up on your phone when you feel like shit.  How awesome would that feel?  Now imagine how great the people you are reaching out to will feel when you get out of your little selfish head and realize that there's a biggo world out there and your problems are tiny compared to that huge world that needs you to be radiating with positive light rays, and riding on super high frequencies!  Buy the grumpy old guy in front of you at the coffee shop a cake pop!  I promise you will begin to feel better instantly!


3.  Read Sumthin' Motivating!

Ok, I know some self help books can be kinda corny and lame.  Like who the hell are these people trying to tell me how to help myself.  I have found a few books I find super realistic, relatable and AWESOME!! Here's one of my all time faves!  

4.  Don't Eat The Whole Cake!!

Stay away from the donuts, the cake, the fast food, the bad foods!! Eating like shit will just make you feel, well, like shit!  You will feel lethargic and then you'll eventually feel guilty for treating your body like a trash can and then you'll end up having to spend more time at the gym to make up for your weakness!! So don't do it!! Eat your way to happiness instead!!  Eat an avocado, avocados contain serotonin, which is a feel- good transmitter to the brain, or eat up some clams, which are high in vitamin B12 which is ultra great for energy!  But hell, I'm not a nutritionist so stop being lazy and do your own research on healthy foods to boost your mood!!

donut copy.jpg

5.  Be Grateful!

Last but the most important of all.  Pause for a minute.  Take a deep breath.  How amazing does it feel to know that your lungs just expanded while you took that breath, how amazing is it that you exist?  No matter how tough, how challenging, or how down you feel right now, you my friend are ALIVE.  We are alive.  Realize that we are present in this miracle of life.  Realize that we have the power to change our circumstances, realize that we are more in control than we know.  Yes there is so much negativity and bad news in the world, but if you are reading this post, it's because you have free will, you are not being held captive or fighting for your life or else you wouldn't have the luxury to log on and read this.  Not everyone in this world has that luxury, so be grateful and ponder on the beautiful things in life rather than the tiny things that are trying to boggle you down.  Breathe again my friends and keep on pressing on!!

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